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 £995.00 + VAT 3 Neighbours as Agreed Surveyor

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Appointed Party Wall Surveyors for Borough of London Councils.

Ability to undertake Substantial Commercials.

Underpinning and structural repair experts. 

All Surveyors are qualified to either BSc, MSc, MOCIB, MFPWS or HNC


We provide quality independent Party Wall Surveys. We can tailor to your needs and provide you with reassurance.

No excuses £395 fixed fee only. This is compared to other companies who may try and charge you up to £2000.

We cover all areas of the UK. If you feel you are in need of our service please click the highlighted request link below.

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Party Wall Surveyors is a building Surveying practice that specialises in Party Wall matters throughout Greater London, South East of England, and the rest of the Country Nationwide. Your Local Surveyor should only live or operate a few miles away therefore if you need him he's on hand.


We have opened a new office in City Road Central London where we can meet commercial Clients and Surveyors to discuss larger more demanding projects (all meetings by appointment please) along with other offices in Hatton Garden, London. 


We have Specialist Wall Surveyors located across the UK from Cornwall to Scotland and are in the process of expanding to form the biggest “Network” of Party Wall Surveyors in the Country. Each Surveyor either works from a “home office” or from small commercial units, we have a very keen pricing structure from £395.00 to include Central London as well as other city locations, we will always beat any quotation from another firm by 10% this is guaranteed. All our Surveyors are comprehensively qualified and fully vetted (including CRB Checks).  


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We are instructed by over 100 clients per month, mostly by recommendation from local councils, building control and Architects.  


We are insured for £1,000,000 and £250,000 per Survey for liability and Professional Indemnity respectfully.


As an instructing owner, you need this level of protection.


What is Professional Indemnity Insurance? Essentially, it's your protection against negligence if a Surveyor makes a mistake and there are consequential losses you are covered and entitled to compensation. In our industry Professional Indemnity Insurance is only offered to Professional Surveyors who are suitably qualified to undertake Party Wall Surveys.


Insurance companies demand to see evidence of qualifications and are fully vetted and checked by the underwriter. If a Surveyor is in business without this essential insurance then he's not qualified. 


We supply our services at an agreed fixed fee, many companies quote then invoice at substantially higher fees see some examples Click Here


We undertake all aspects of the Party Wall  Act 1996, providing the following services:


  • Impartial and technical Part Wall advice
  • The initial advice and subsequent preparation along with service of valid Party Wall notices
  • Performing as a Party Wall Surveyor for both Adjoining Owners and Building Owners
  • Acting as the “agreed" Party Wall Surveyor.
  • Undertaking and preparation of Schedules of Condition and detailing reports
  • Preparation & negotiation of Party Wall Awards and agreements including contractors


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We have over 20 years’ experience dealing with Wall matters, in addition we advise on and administering the Party Wall  Act 1996 on behalf of Adjoining Owners and Building Owners, whether they are commercial or residential property owners, contractors, developers or property professionals.


Our website allows you to find out more about the Party Wall Act 1996. 

We knows through experience, that the Party Wall Act 1996 is a complicated piece of government legislation. Our Surveys need to be accurate and condition reports concise.


I have received a Party Wall notice what action should I take?


If you have received a Party Wall Notice this means that your neighbour is planning to carry out works to their property that could affect your own property.

Typically the works could be an extension, a loft conversion or a basement conversion or just internal alterations such as the removal of a chimney breast.  The Party Wall notice should specify what works your neighbour wishes to undertake.  You must respond within 14 days.  If you ignore the notice, a surveyor can be appointed on your behalf without your consent.


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The purpose of the Act is primarily to allow the Building Owner (i.e. your neighbour) to undertake works to their property, but the Act also allows Adjoining Owners (i.e. yourself) to have some input on what works can be carried out and most importantly, to have a Schedule of Condition taken of your property prior to the commencement of works.  This will ensure that if any damage is caused it is abundantly clear that the damage was caused by the building works carried out next door and the cost of repairs will be met by those doing the work.


The costs of the surveyors drawing up the award will normally be paid by the party undertaking the works.

You can respond in one of three ways: -

1) Allow the work to continue forthwith.

If the works are minor and non-structural, you do not need to engage a surveyor at all; you can simply "concur to the works".  This will enable the works to commence straight away.  However, if any damage is caused or disputes arise, it is always more difficult to get the damage repaired.  You will save your neighbour the cost of the Surveyor's fee, however we would generally not recommend this approach for major works such as extensions, loft conversions or basements for example.

2) Ask for a schedule of condition to be carried out by agreeing to the Surveyor suggested on the form.

You may dissent from the works and agree to the Surveyor suggested by the Building Owner.  This "agreed" surveyor should arrange to carry out a Schedule of Condition, including photographs and draw up an Award.  If the suggested Surveyor is acting as project manager for the Building Owner we would strongly recommend that you do not appoint them as an "agreed" surveyor.

It is important to note than the surveyor should not work for either party, a Party Wall Surveyor should not work for a client, he simply administers the act and he must do this impartially and fairly.  You should have confidence in the impartiality of the "agreed" surveyor, if you have any doubts about the suggested surveyor’s impartiality simply suggest to the Building Owner that he accepts your preferred Surveyor in order to reduce his cost, this is after all what he is asking you to do.


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Please note that if an "agreed" surveyor is used you cannot refer any disagreement to the third Surveyor, your only course of action is to appeal against the Award in court.

If appointed as "agreed" surveyor we would ensure that the risk to your property is minimised to the lowest possible level, that accurate photographs are taken and that a comprehensive Schedule of Condition is undertaken.  We would then issue a formal Party Wall Award detailing the agreement together with the schedule of condition.  


3) Appoint your own Surveyor to carry out the schedule of condition.

You may dissent from the works and appoint your own Surveyor.  The cost of preparing the Schedule of Condition and your Surveyor's fees are, in normal circumstances, paid by the Building Owner undertaking the work.  

In this event the two Surveyors will firstly agree a "third" Surveyor to adjudicate between them if they cannot agree, the two Surveyors will then take the schedules of condition and produce the Award in exactly the same way as the "agreed" surveyor.


Unless the works are complex in nature and/or there are existing areas of conflict between yourselves there is very little to be gained other than incurring additional cost for your neighbour by proceeding this way.



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The information on this site can only ever provide you with a brief insight into the Act. 


We would be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.


If you would like to contact us on 0800 622 6573 For further information.



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