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We are a nationwide team of specialist Party Wall Surveyors with extensive experience in surveying properties over the last 20 years, we assist commercial and residential property owners, landlords, builders and architects across the entire county.


The company offers a comprehensive low fixed cost service from just £395.00 + VAT for the preparation of Party Wall Awards across the country for private residential property, offices, and shops undertaking instructions from building owners, adjoining owners and quite often both parties.  


We have streamlined our business, which is clearly reflected in our price structures, all our Surveyors work from home, keeping overheads low that are passed to you the client, all correspondence is by email (where possible) obviously excluding service of documents.  


If you’re planning a basement conversion including “dig outs”  or maybe considering a loft extension, building a front or rear extension, working on party walls, removing walls or chimney breasts or your neighbour is planning one of the mentioned, then we can act for you.


The term "Surveyor" is defined in the Party Wall  Act of 1996 as any person who is not a party to the works. This is the essential element of the act, the Party Wall Surveyor is totally independent and impartial. Technically, his sole responsibility is to the Party Wall itself.


Thus, the Act rules out the possibility of an owner acting for themselves.The Party Wall Surveyor or chosen person should have a good knowledge of construction, be well versed with the Act itself and all subsequent procedures. Ideally, the Party Wall Surveyor should have a relevant qualification or extensive building experience.


The PartyWall Surveyors (or the “agreed" Surveyor if the two owners can concur in a single appointment) will prepare a document known as a Party Wall Award (sometimes called a Party Wall Agreement). This document contains the owners’ rights and responsibilities in relation to how the work should proceed and covers items such as working hours, what happens in case of damage and access for the Surveyor(s) during the course of the works.


We encourage early debate with your neighbour, sharing plans and having open and frank exchanges before the formal notice are served. If you think your neighbour is unlikely to consent to the planned works it is worth involving a Party Wall Surveyor at an early stage.


The entire process starts with the service of notice. The most time consuming task that the Party Wall Surveyor performs, prior to the work commencing, is the preparation of a schedule of condition of the adjoining owner’s property. It is essential that this is done accurately so that any subsequent damage can be properly attributed. If there are two Surveyors this is prepared by the building owner’s Surveyor and proofed by the adjoining owner’s Surveyor.  


Impartiality is the key to the Act and the property owners often find this part of the Act hard to swallow; after all, they appointed the Surveyor so why shouldn’t he bloody well fight their side of the argument.


It might be tempting for a building owner to try and get rid of an intransigent Surveyor but alas under the Act this is not possible. Once a Party Wall Surveyor has been appointed that appointment cannot be rescinded unless the Surveyor in question declares himself incapable of acting or dies. 


Our quotations are a fixed fee from £395.00 + VAT and service documents £49.00 + VAT


Both parties agreed Surveyor add just £100.00 + VAT


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What is a party wall?


A Party Wall is a wall either on or at the edge of a property. Walls and foundations (as well as any other excavations) near the edge of a property are dealt with by the same set of rules as party walls. 


A party wall can exist in various forms:

  • Perhaps most typical is a party wall that stands on the boundary between the neighbours’ land but forms part of the building owner’s property alone. 
  • A party wall may also stand on the boundary between the neighbours’ land and form part of both owners’ property. 
  • Alternatively, a party wall may stand entirely on the land of one owner but the adjoining owner’s property is enclosed by that wall. 

Party fence wall


A party fence wall is a wall that stands on the boundary between the building owner’s land and the adjoining owner’s land but has no buildings attached to it. An example is a garden wall, although it should be noted that wooden fences are not party fence walls. 


Party structure


A party structure is a catch-all term referring to both horizontal and vertical structures. Examples of horizontal structures are floors and ceilings between adjoining flats. 

The boundary line dividing what is owned by adjoining property owners often runs either through the middle of a wall or at the edge of it. However, the line can be at any point through the wall. Regardless of which precise bits of the wall belong to which owner it is often most helpful when trying to understand the law that applies to party walls to think of the entire party wall as being the mutual property of both owners. 


Projecting foundations


When building a new wall it will be important to consider whether there will be projecting foundations.  Projecting foundations are foundations for a building on the building owner’s land that cross over the boundary line into adjoining owner’s land. For example, if you were building a party wall entirely on your land but at the boundary and needed to put in foundations that would go under your neighbour’s land they would be projecting foundations. 



Surveys cost £380.00 + VAT to £480.00 + VAT depending on location.


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Sally, Middlesex

“Party Wall Surveyors gave me a great choice of options to help me with my loft conversion. I would recommend their service to anyone needing professional help. They were happy to guide me through the process of resolving issues”.

Ella, Cambridge

You have a sense of panic when you find a Notice land on your doorstep!   Party Wall Surveyors provided me with a free assessment and undertook the legal work to my home within my own time schedule. Half the price of the lowest other quote”

Margret & George, North London

Buying our first home caused us enough stress but the intended extension gave us more. Party Wall Surveyors provided us with explanations to what the steps would be to resolve the issue. We were able to make the right decision for us. Definitely recommend these guys! Substantially less than others”

Deborah, Nottingham

As our family grew we decided a basement conversion would be a great option for us.  Party Wall Surveyors explained to us what we would need to do to have a great room space for the kids. The kids seem happy and so are we. They served all the Notices and supervised the works getting my neighbours informed all along the process”

Hannah, Sheffield

“I had an experience with a previous Surveyor over charging which appears very common, that left me out of pocket, Party Wall Surveyors came to my rescue; if you want a service you can trust – this is the one to use”

Ryan, Glasgow

‘’We knew we needed work but was worried about getting the wrong Surveyor I have read so many horror stories and paying more than what we should. After a few quotes it was obvious that Party Wall Surveyors was the right choice to sort all the legals and Notices”.



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